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How Revitalgun Helps Prevent Leg Injuries Before Running

Massage Gun


Running is a strenuous activity but people still do it because this sport offers various health benefits. However, the risk of leg injuries is a common problem for most runners. Shin splints, runner’s knee, ankle sprain, and hamstring injuries are just some examples. Yet the solution is simple and that is to have a proper warm-up routine before running.


With today’s advancement in technology, there are now easy-to-use tools in the fitness industry such as the massage gun. Did you know that Revitalgun is one of the best massage guns in Australia? It is not only the perfect recovery tool but it is also great for a pre-run warm-up.


Here are three more reasons why the Revitalgun should be part of your warm-up routine before running:


  1. Revitalgun wakes up inactive muscles by enhancing blood circulation.


When the blood flow increases, the muscles become well-lubricated and it loosens tightness. For starters, point the massage gun on specific areas of the body that needs to be warmed up. It is recommended that runners focus on the calves, hamstrings, shins and ankles.


Reminder: this must only be done for 30 seconds at a time.


  1. Revitalgun quickly improves one’s range of motion.


Range of motion refers to how far you could stretch or move. Using the massage gun is equivalent to dynamic stretching already. Massage guns improve flexibility, joint function, balance, and posture. All these factors help the body move or stretch freely without pain. As a result, runners would get to know their body’s full potential safely.


  1. Revitalgun acts as a deep tissue massager and percussion massager.


Massage guns help relax muscle soreness. The package comes with interchangeable head attachments, with each head designed for a specific pressure point or part of your body. The massage gun could deal with body pain accurately. This is why the Revitalgun is going to be your new go-to buddy in letting go of yesterday’s pain.


Revitalgun’s massage gun benefits are: to enhance blood flow, to improve motion, and to deeply massage muscles. These factors form part of a proper warm-up routine before running which could help prevent serious leg injuries. So, what are you waiting for then?


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