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What are the benefits of percussion massage guns?

Massage gun

Percussion Therapy

 The percussion therapy gun is designed to stimulate deep muscle tissues and accelerate muscle recovery, soothe muscle pain, relieve muscle tension and tightness, and improve performance and range of motion. 

 While it works perfectly as a post-workout treatment for strained muscles, it’s also excellent for loosening and activating muscles before training (or any intense physical activity).


Key Features


  • Portable, cordless, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Rechargeable lasts up to 5 hours per charge
  • With 8 interchangeable heads to target different muscle groups
  • With 30-speed settings for optimal pressure and comfort
  • Delivers instant results


How Does It Work?

Unlike typical vibration massagers, percussion-type massagers like Revitalgun penetrate the deep muscle layers and promote better blood and oxygen flow. With improved circulation and oxygen delivery, your muscles can recover, heal and grow faster.

Revitalgun Massage gun


 How To Use


  • Select a massage head (large ball, standard ball, flathead, forkhead) and attach the head to the Revitalgun massager.
  • For first-time users, start at the lowest speed setting (Level 1) and slowly work your way up the higher speed settings. You can increase the speed level according to your degree of comfort or tolerance.  
  • Use Revitalgun on a dry clean surface of the body. Lightly press Revitalgun on target muscle groups (ex. thighs, arms, back) for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat the process on your other muscles, as desired.


Try using RevitalGun for 5 to 12 minutes before or after working out and feel the difference!




Targeted Pain Relief

 You can directly apply pressure to your painful areas to help ease muscle tension and release lactic acid from muscles.


Optimal Blood Circulation and Improved Muscle Performance

 Within just 30 seconds, Revitalgun lite Massage Gun penetrates the deep muscles and directs blood flow to the affected areas. This helps prompt a faster muscle recovery process after training.

 Research shows that regular deep massage after an exhaustive workout increases performance by 2 to 5 per cent.

 Custom-tailored Pro-Level Muscle Therapy

 Revitalgun offers four heads/attachments that help target specific muscle groups:


  • Large Ball for large muscle groups
  • Standard Ball for small muscle groups
  • Flat Head for all parts of the body (ex. Leg or back)
  • Fork Head mainly for the spine, shoulders and the head

 RevitalGun features a powerful brushless, high-torque motor that allows different treatment speeds depending on what you can tolerate, from Level 1 (20 Hz, 1200 rpm) to Level 20 (53.3 Hz, 3200 rpm). With the Quiet Glide Technology, Revitalgun operates at speeds of up to 3200 percussions per minute but with less noise.


Convenient and Super Portable

 Lightweight and wireless, Revitalgun is easy to bring wherever and whenever you want, whether the gym, office or out of town. Revitalgun comes with a portable, durable case for easy handling and storage.


Built with the Latest Technology and Innovation in Massage Therapy

 With its low noise system, touchscreen LCD screen and quality-driven mechanism, our technologically-advanced Revitalgun ensures that you are investing in something that is definitely worthwhile!